Innovation for Sustainable Production - Bruges 22-25 April 2008

Presentations Conference 4: Industry and Living in an Urban Society

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  • Blond N. University of Strassbourg (FR)Study of air pollution dispersion in a street: case of a street in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)Download the presentation
  • Borrego C. University of Aveiro (PT)Towards sustainable cities – linking urban structure and air qualityDownload the presentation
  • Borsboom J. MNP (NL)Land use modelling for environmental and ecological policy assessmentDownload the presentation
  • Callaert B.Envisan (BE)A sustainable industrial, living and coastal development along the mediterranean Sea (Tunisia): 150 hectare remediation and developmentN/A
  • Dassargues A. Université de Liege (BE)Investigating the worth of flux-based approaches in development of brownfieldsDownload the presentation
  • D'haene S. Diels L. DEC (NL) VITO (BE)Olympic gold at redevelopment megasites in old harboursDownload the presentation
  • Ertel T. SV-Büro Dr. Thomas Ertel (DE)REVIT – revitalizing industrial sites. Towards more Effective and Sustainable Brownfield Revitalisation PoliciesN/A
  • Frenquellucci F. ENEA (IT)The sustainable management, locating and settling of the productive areasDownload the presentation
  • Giordano P. University of Lugano (CZ)A mathematical model of complex mobility patterns for big traffic generators competition and sustainabilityDownload the presentation
  • Gommers K. Umicore (BE)INSIMEP, a sustainable alternative for remediation of metal-contaminated groundwater?Download the presentation
  • Groudev S. University of Mining and Geology (BG)Multibarrier and mine site redevelopmentDownload the presentation
  • Gutierrez E.R. University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)The political process required implementing a spatial decision support system for Puerto RicoDownload the presentation
  • Gysen D. OVAM (BE)Brownfield management of the Kempen areaDownload the presentation
  • Hens L. Human Ecology -VUB, Brussels (BE)A university centre for cleaner production in Cienfuegos (Cuba)Download the presentation
  • Int Panis L. VITO (BE)Current and future air quality in the historic city of BrugesDownload the presentation
  • Maene T. City of Ghent (BE)Brownfield Gasmeterlaan Ghent - A complex risk-based soil remediation in combination with an urban renewal projectN/A
  • Nawrot T. Catholic University of Leuven (BE)Exposure and health effects of urbain air qualityN/A
  • Peene A. Dejonghe W. OWS(BE) VITO (BE)Phytoremediation and land managementDownload the presentation
  • Rijnaarts H.TNO (NL)Risk based management of contamination at Megasites: the Welcome project and the Port of RotterdamDownload the presentation
  • Smidt E. SG Consultancy and Mediation (NL)Importance of communication for sustainable groundwater managementDownload the presentation
  • Tavernier Ph. POM West-Vlaanderen (BE)Addressing the barriers of sustainable business corporation: the alternative triple-PDownload the presentation
  • Van Aerschot W. VITO (BE)Sustainable industrial networks: a study of 4 cases of sustainable industrial cooperation in EuropeDownload the presentation
  • Van de Vel K. VITO (BE)UAQ forecasts & PROMOTEDownload the presentation
  • Van der Kwast H. VITO (BE)Evaluation of spatial metrics derived from remote sensing at different levels of abstraction for the calibration of urban land use change modelsDownload the presentation
  • Van Eetvelde G. Ghent University (BE)Balancing eco-industrial parksDownload the presentation
  • Van Weverberg K. Catholic University of Leuven (BE)Modeling the contribution of the Brussels heat island to a long temperature time seriesDownload the presentation
  • Vanderstraeten P. Brussels Environement - IBGE (BE)Evaluation of car free days on air quality in BrusselsN/A
  • Vos G. Van Esch L. VMM (BE) VITO (BE)The Emission Inventory Water, a Planning Support System aimed at reducing the pollution emissions in the water bodies of FlandersDownload the presentation
  • White R. University of Newfoundland (CA)Cities as Dynamic Adaptive StructuresDownload the presentation
  • Yordi B.European CommissionA new EU programme on Eco-InnovationDownload the presentation