Innovation for Sustainable Production - Bruges 22-25 April 2008


The venue for i-SUP2008, Innovations for Sustainable Production, is the Site of Old Saint-John’s in Bruges. (download PDF)

Restaurant guide:
Bruges many restaurants can satisfy every palate and budget. From a traditional pot of mussels, to cafes with Belgian pastries and waffles to restaurants offering menus from nearly every country in Europe and abroad, Bruges restaurants are sure to delight.
To enable you to fully enjoy the atmosphere and gastronomy, this “restaurant guide (PDF)”, especially composed in co-operation with “Meeting in Brugge” will certainly contribute in making the right choice during your i-SUP2008 stay in Bruges.

In order to be able to enjoy the offered benefits, you will be asked to show
your "i-SUP2008 -badge" when entering one of these proposed restaurants.

Sint Jan