Innovation for Sustainable Production - Bruges 22-25 April 2008

Presentations conference 3: Smart and Sustainable electric Systems

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  • Alvarez M.C. IDEA (FR)Distribution Network Long-TermPlanning Methods Comparison With Respect to DG PenetrationDownload the presentation
  • Belmans R. Catholic University of Leuven (BE)The Road towards More Renewable Integration and Demand Side IntegrationDownload the presentation
  • Brincourt T. EDF (FR)Overview of energy storage from electric vehicle to renewable energyN/A
  • Cohen D. Kamphuis R. Infotililty (USA) ECN (NL)Trans-Atlantic Perspectives on Management of Renewables and DER on the Electricity GridN/A
  • De Boer P.KEMA (NL)GROWDERS, Grid Reliability and Operability with Distributed generation using transportable storageDownload the presentation
  • De Decker J. 3E (BE)Generation of Synthetic Time Series of Wind Power and Prediction Error for Economic CalculationsDownload the presentation
  • Driesen J. Catholic University of Leuven (BE)Virtual Synchronous GeneratorsDownload the presentation
  • Frias P. University Comillas, Madrid (ES)Regulatory Changes Needed for Optimal Integration of DER and RESDownload the presentation
  • Hadjsaid N. IDEA GIE (FR)The Electricity and Communication Network: Combining two Critical InfrastructuresDownload the presentation
  • Heskes P. Technical University of Eindhoven (NL)A Complex Harmonic Impedance Measurement System for Reduction of Harmonics in the Electricity GridDownload the presentation
  • Jacobsen H. RisoeMeasures to Reduce the Impact Costs of an Increasing Share of Intermittent RES-E in the Electricity GenerationDownload the presentation
  • Kling W. Technical University of Delft (NL)The Need for Large-Scale Energy Storage in the Dutch Electricity SystemN/A
  • Kok K. Free University of Amsterdam (NL)Business Models for Optimal Integration of Distributed and Renewable GenerationDownload the presentation
  • Mercurio A. Sapienza University of Rome (IT)Open Source Implementation of Monitoring and Controlling Services for EMS/SCADA Systems by Means of Web ServicesDownload the presentation
  • Mulder G. VITO (BE)System Integration of a Fuel-Cell Based CHP SystemDownload the presentation
  • Nabuurs P. CEO KEMA + Chairman Committee of the EU Technology Platform Smart Grids (NL)The Importance of Markets for the Emergence of Smart GridsDownload the presentation
  • Pe├žas Lopes J. INESC Porto (PT)Multi-level Management of Electricity StorageDownload the presentation
  • Peeters E. VITO (BE)Micro-CHP, Overview of Technologies and MarketsDownload the presentation
  • Renders B. Ghent University (BE)Voltage Dips and Converter-Connected Distributed Generation UnitsDownload the presentation
  • Roossien B. ECN (NL)Congestion Management by a Virtual Power Plant of 10 Micro-CHP Units at Consumer PremisesDownload the presentation
  • Schaeffer G.J.VITO (BE)Drivers for and Dynamics of the Growth of Renewable and Distributed Energy Technologies in the Electricity MarketsDownload the presentation
  • Stijns P. Honeywell (BE)Energy Management of a Hospital with Tri-GenerationDownload the presentation
  • ten Donkelaar M. Enviros (CZ)The Influence of Promotion Policies for Renewables and Distributed Generation on their Integration in the Electricity SystemN/A
  • Tran Qouc T. Institut de L'Electricity de l'Avenir IDEA (FR)Load Management by Optimising Operations of RadiatorsDownload the presentation
  • Van den Keybus J. Triphase (BE)Integrated Grid-Coupled Power Electronic Energy Converter System Using a PC-based ControllorDownload the presentation
  • Van Tichelen P. VITO (BE)Power Line Modem Communication as a Backbone for Smart GridsDownload the presentation
  • Van Voorden A. Eneco Netbeheer (NL)Solving Network Constraints with DG and FACTS Devices: a Case StudyDownload the presentation
  • Vanden Bossche A. Ghent University (BE)Top of Sine Injection into the GridDownload the presentation
  • Woyte A. 3E (BE)Trans-European Trade of Winnd Power in the Internal Electricity MarketDownload the presentation