Innovation for Sustainable Production - Bruges 22-25 April 2008

Presentations Conference 2: Separation Technology

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  • Barboiu M. Institut Europeen des Membranes, Montpellier (FR)Hybrid bioinspired membranes: past, present and beyond…Download the presentation
  • Barboiu M. Institut Europeen des Membranes, Montpellier (FR)Constitutional transcription of nucleobase self-assembly codes in functional hybrid materialsDownload the presentation
  • Buonomenna M.G. ITM-CNR (IT)Solvent-Free Oxidation of Primary Alcohols to Aldehydes using membrane contactorsN/A
  • Casado C. University of Zaragoza (ES)ETS-10-polymer membranes for gas separation: control of filler morphology and particle sizeN/A
  • Cuperus F. P.SolSep (NL)Membrane processes for regeneration of organic solvents and valuable componentsN/A
  • Denayer J. F. M.VUB, Brussels (BE)Chabazite : a zeolite allowing selective adsorption of short chain alcoholsDownload the presentation
  • Ebert K. GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht (DE)Polymeric nanofiltration membranes for the application in organic solventsN/A
  • Eisner-Schadler V.R. A&F - Wageningen UR (NL)Membrane Emulsification: From Basics to BusinessN/A
  • Giesen A. DHV (NL)Experience with sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment using aerobic granulesDownload the presentation
  • Huyskens C. VITO (BE)A novel method for measuring the reversible and irreversible fouling propensity of MBR mixed liquorN/A
  • Jevons K. Koch Membrane Systems (UK)Nanofiltration technology removes non biodegradable API’s from aqueous & organic solvent mixtureDownload the presentation
  • Kovalevsky A. VITO (BE)Development of multilayered ferrite-based ceramic membranes for partial oxidation of hydrocarbonsDownload the presentation
  • Livingston A. Imperial College (UK)Organic solvent nanofiltration, emerging technology for molecular separationsDownload the presentation
  • Medina-Gonzalez Y. Laboratoire de Génie Chimique - Toulouse (FR)Green ultrafiltration membranesDownload the presentation
  • Meynen V. VITO (BE)Study on the synthesis and stability of hybrid organic-inorganic membranes for solvent filtrationDownload the presentation
  • Nopens I. Ghent University (BE)Modelling of soluble microbial products in membrane bioreactorsN/A
  • Ormerod D. Johnson&Johnson (BE)Applications of organic solvent nanofiltration in the process development of active pharmaceutical ingredientsDownload the presentation
  • Santos J. L. C.Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT)Modelling of solvent nanofiltration by mechanistic, chemometric and hybrid methodologiesN/A
  • Van Daele D. Aqua Concept Benelux (BE)Elimination of persistent organics from industrial waste water and contaminated ground water on th exapmle of EDTADownload the presentation
  • van de Sandt E. DSM (NL)Membranes in bioprocess technologyN/A
  • Van der Bruggen B. Catholic University of Leuven (BE)Solvent flux behaviour and rejection characteristics of hydrophilic and hydrophobic TIO2 and ZrO2 membranesDownload the presentation
  • van der Steen R.P.M. Niro Process Technology (NL)Melt crystallization&wash column separation hazardous waste waters, purification organic chemicalsDownload the presentation
  • Van Gestel T.Fz-Jülich (DE)Manufacturing of microporous ceramic membranes for environmental applicationsDownload the presentation
  • Vandezande P. Catholic University of Leuven (BE)Compositional optimization of SRNF membranes cast from emulsified polyimide solutions, using high throughput and combinatorial techniquesN/A
  • Vente J. ECN (NL)Performance of a new hybrid membrane in high temperature pervaporationDownload the presentation
  • Verstraete W. Ghent University (BE)Biometals for advanced water treatmentDownload the presentation
  • Weemaes M. Aquafin (BE)Neptune: new sustainable concepts and processes for optimization and upgrading municipal WWTPsN/A
  • Wyns K.VITO (BE)Zeolitic-nanoblock membranesDownload the presentation