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City of Bruges (Brugge)

Bruges is a fascinating city. Its monuments, museums and particularly the unspoilt historical citycentre with its canals attract millions of visitors every year. The port of Zeebrugge and the cultural/historic patrimony of Bruges give the city a European and international dimension.

Bruges is called the “Venice of the North”. In the Middle Ages Bruges became the most important trade centre of north-west Europe. Already at that time, Flanders was one of the most urbanised areas in Europe.. In the fourteenth century Bruges had expanded to become a rich international port city. The Burgundian period in Bruges started in 1384. Art and culture flourished as never before. Around 1600 Bruges was a provincial city with a modest maritime reputation. Since the end of the nineteenth century Bruges became also known throughout Europe as a city of art and a tourist centre.


Recently restored 14th-century city gate. Little remains of the original construction that was rebuilt several times.


Burghers' Lodge
15th-century building, former meeting place of well-to-do Bruges citizens (poorters) and foreign merchants.


Old fortified city-gate (1402), unlike the other remaining gates built in white sand lime bricks. Was part of the city's 13th/14th-century defensive girdle. Rebuilt on several occasions (last restoration in 1969-72).


Old Country House of the "Brugse Vrije”
The original Country House was built in two eras (1520-25/1722-27). From the 18th century till the eighties, it was the seat of the Court of Justice. Since 1988, it houses the City Administration Centre.


Old St. John's Hospital & Memling Museum
In the hospital's church (13th-14th century) and the adjoining Cornelius Chapel six authentic masterpieces by the world famous Flemish painter Hans Memling are on display. In the former hospital wards you can also see a collection of paintings, furniture and other items related to the hospital's rich history. The 17th-century Old Dispensary is also worth a visit. The beautifully restored 19th-century hospital buildings are used today by the Oud Sint-Jan Foundation, for exhibitions and conventions.


Princely Beguinage of the Vineyard
The "Princely Beguinage of the Vineyard" was founded in 1245. Sisters of the religious St. Benedict Order have taken the place of the former beguines. The Beguine's House provides a good picture of the day-to-day life of the former inhabitants.



Halve Maan
The Nocturne Halve Maan is an exclusive evening program for groups from 50 to 250 persons. You are welcomed by the “Halve Maan” who invites you to visit the modern brewery as well as the museum. Afterwards gastronomy and entertainment alternate “in the Flemish way” on the tones of minstrels.

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Take part in the wedding feast of Charles the Bold and Margeret of York. Fools, troubadours, knights, dancers, a falconer, fire-eaters, witches,… cheer up the merry 4-course dinner, sprinkled with beer and wine to your heart's content.

We invite you to an unforgettable medieval evening
A glittering festive banquet in a grandiose setting, a dozen lively attractions, medieval costumes and music, delicious food and drinks. You will be transported from the 21st century back to 3 July 1468.

Enjoying life Burgundy-style
The meal itself is a gigantic four-course dinner, richly washed down (that's how they used to describe it in those days) with as much beer and wine as you can drink. But you will not only be eating and drinking: during the meal, you will be feasting your eyes and ears on the entertainment and the atmosphere.

Historic spectacle
Dozens of actors will transport you into a sparkling medieval spectacle. The wedding feast will be enlivened by jesters, minstrels and dancers. There is also sword fighting, falconry, flame swallowing, a witches' dance, jousting, parrot shooting and more for your entertainment. You will be close to all the action, and if you want, you can ask to take part. An enjoyable historic evening is guaranteed for all.

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