Innovation for Sustainable Production - Bruges 22-25 April 2008

Welcome at i-SUP2008

VITO Press Release April 24, 2008:
Regularisation for Sustainable Production Methods, not just for Chemicals European Commission ready to launch successor of REACH

Mol, October 14, 2007

You are cordially invited to participate in the international event “Innovation for Sustainable Production - i-SUP2008” from 22 till 25 April 2008. The event will be organized in Bruges, Belgium, at the unique site of Ancient Saint-John’s, located in the town centre.

This international event aims at assembling in a pleasant and stimulating environment different disciplines and technologies on their proper themes, while offering the opportunity to join up and exchange knowledge and experience from diverse fields of innovation and technology to enhance innovative methods for a sustainable production.

This event offers five full quality conferences at the same location and at the same time. We invite you to attend one or more of these conference themes and submit abstracts.

Conference 1

Smart Materials for Sustainable Production

  • Theme 1. Production and application of nanomaterials
  • Theme 2. Biomaterials for improved quality of life
  • Theme 3. Porous materials for environmental protection
  • Theme 4. Advanced surface treatments: eliminating solvents by dry processing
  • Theme 5. Controlling friction and preventing wear in industrial processing
  • Theme 6. Looking at materials at the nano-scale

Conference 2

Separation Technology

  • Theme 1. Next generation membranes
  • Theme 2. Solvent filtration
  • Theme 3. Advanced water treatment

Conference 3

Smart and Sustainable Electricity Systems

  • Theme 1. Distributed and renewable generation and the impact on the electricity system
  • Theme 2. Distributed control and demand side integration
  • Theme 3. Intelligent energy storage
  • Theme 4. Power electronics for a smart distributed electricity system
  • Theme 5. The market environment and regulatory challenges

Conference 4

Industry and Living in an Urban Society

  • Theme 1. Megasites for soil- and groundwater contamination
  • Theme 2. Sustainable industrial cooperation through local and regional clustering
  • Theme 3. Urban growth and economic development
  • Theme 4. Urban growth and air pollution

Conference 5

Environment, Health and Safety
Alternative testing: the future for safety testing

  • Theme 1. Targeted toxicity testing
  • Theme 2. Implemented test strategies in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical product safety assessment
  • Theme 3. The Regulatory Arena: challenges in method acceptance
  • Theme 4. Industrial Centers of Excellence in in vitro services. Who does what?

We hope you can participate in the i-SUP2008 conference next April, and make a contribution to the scientific program.

Looking forward to meeting you. See you in Bruges!

The organizing committee.